The Truth About Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Women

It seems that skinny jeans for plus size women are trendier than ever, and they have found a place in every woman’s wardrobe. But, as all good things, they hide a disappointing side: they are quite a pretentious item when it comes to the figure they fit.

It has been said more than once that they only look good on very slim, with long, straight legs, so this piece of clothing has broken many hearts. It’s time to put the suffering to an end and reveal some great tips on wearing plus size skinny jeans.

We cannot deny that they are a rather delicate choice due to some tailoring aspects: the leg of the jeans is rather tight, even tighter in the lower part, and they might be difficult to put on for a lot of women. Secondly, again because of the tight cut, they will highlight a puffy waist.

So, at first glance, they are not the best option. But it’s time to go against the odds and find the perfect fit for any plus-sized figure.

Things That You Must Avoid

It’s high time we proved the many fashion advisors who don’t recommend skinny jeans for plus size women wrong. It might be a bit more restrictive, but they are not a fantasy and, if chosen carefully, they can dress nicely any curvy figure.

Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Women 2The first thing that you should keep in mind is that they should fit you, not that of a skinny model that you’ve seen on TV. So choose a pair for your size; do not pick a smaller size in the hope of making yourself look slimmer because the result will be the exact opposite.

Be honest with yourself and wear that extra size up. The second aspect you should pay attention to is the waist. Avoid a low waist that will accentuate a not-so-flat belly. A very sophisticated pattern with many details will also add some centimeters to your waist, so avoid these too.

Stay away from designer jeans that do not have back pockets as well, because they make your bottom look bigger. As far as color is concerned, white jeans or very light-colored ones are not the best ideas, nor are the pre-washed jeans.

Another no-no is wearing plus size designer jeans made from a bright, glossy material that will create an optical effect which adds some kilos to your figure. The accessories are also important, especially when we speak about footwear, so don’t wear them with flats, no matter if shoes or sandals.

How to Wear Plus Size Skinny Jeans

We know now what not to wear, so let’s see what we should choose when we go on a shopping spree. If you flick through a fashion magazine or search on the internet, you will see that many celebrities, such as Queen Latifah, successfully wearing women’s plus size skinny jeans.

Fashion is not only for the slim or the very tall. Curvy or short women can wear what they want and still be trendy. The not-so-slim celebrities are proof that all different styles of jeans can be worn by anyone and it does not cost a fortune to create a great-looking outfit. First of all, it is important to choose a pair with a high waist in order to hide your midsection.

Women's Plus Size Skinny Jeans

Another important aspect is the color. Never buy white, yellow or pink jeans just because they are trendy – go for black, navy or indigo! Try matte, plain models, without bleaching or light stripes. Also, pay attention to the pockets. Choose jeans that have pointy stitch back pockets, to create a visual effect of length. And, last but not least, you should almost always accessorize your jeans with a pair of high-heeled shoes.

Creating Great-Looking Outfits

Just choosing the right pair of jeans is not enough, you have to mix and match them in order to acquire that glamorous look that you want, so here are some ideas. Wear a loose top and some high-heeled sandals with your jeans for a simple, but fashionable look. If you need an office outfit, choose a pair of high-waist jeans and match them with a white shirt and a pair of black heels. Or, if you just need a casual combination for a stroll in the park, you can ignore the high heels rule and wear the jeans with a pair of tennis shoes and a long top.

Fashion should not have designated wearers. And in fact, it is up to us to take fashion items and make them our own by choosing, mixing and matching what fits us best, regardless of our figure. We should not avoid wearing a piece of clothing just because someone says so, but try to find trendy clothes that will make us look glamorous, and skinny jeans for plus size women are no exception.