What You Don’t Know About Plus Size Long Tops May Shock You

A common issue that larger women deal with concerning clothing is length, specifically the length of their shirts. This is an issue that occurs when shopping online because a lot of times the seller will not specify the length of plus size long tops in the description.

You take a chance and buy the shirt only to discover after it arrives that it’s not quite long enough. Then there’s the hassle of having to return it and find something else that will fit you properly.

When you’re shopping in an actual store, it’s a little easier to determine whether or not the shirt is going to be long enough to sufficiently cover your stomach at all times, but there are a lot of times when you may still come across a shirt that you really like that is just too short.

It gets frustrating, which leads many women to the opposite extreme where they end up purchasing shirts that are much too long just so they can ensure their stomach stays covered, but this just leads to a whole host of other problems, such as looking as though you’re wearing a tent.

Finding the Right Length

To avoid all these issues and frustration and to ensure that you always look great wearing long tops for plus size women, there are some things you can look for and do when shopping for shirts.

Plus Size Long Tops 2The first thing you should do is to find a shirt that you already own that fits you well and in a way you like and then measure the length of the shirt. You will use this measurement as a guideline when buying shirts.

Before you take that measurement, double and triple check that the top fits you well in every way. Make sure that it does not ride up and expose your stomach when you raise your arms and make sure that you like where the hem stops and that it looks flattering to your figure.

Once you have that figured out and you have taken the measurement, then you can look for tops that are that length to purchase.

While you’re shopping online, you will inevitably come across a top that does not mention how long it is. If this is the case, contact the seller and ask them how long it is.

Most of the time, you will get a response from the seller with the length measurement. There will be times you won’t and in those cases, you have a decision to make – either buy the shirt knowing that it may not be long enough or forget about that shirt and move on to another one that does the list the length measurement.

Most Flattering Styles

After determining the length you’d like your shirts to be, you’re all set to go shopping. However, there are some styles of plus size long tops that are more flattering for a full figure than others. Stay away from anything that is bulky and anything that is really loose because these types of tops will make you look larger.

Wrap sweaters are an excellent choice for curvier women. A wrap sweater will have a v-neck and it will tie around your waist which will flatter both your waistline and your bust as well as help to hide any flaws that you want to conceal. They fit nicely and they are long and a much better alternative to an ordinary heavy or loose sweater.

Cardigans are also a great choice for curvy women. They work with any kind of figure and they are suitable for all types of weather because you can wear layers underneath them such as wearing a tank shirt underneath it in the spring or summer or wearing a long sleeve blouse underneath it in cooler weather. They can also be dressed up or down so they’re suitable for many different occasions as well.

For plus size long tops a little more on the sexy side, empire waist and baby doll tops are your go-to, believe it or not. Many plus size women choose to stay away from these types of shirts, but the fact is they are actually very flattering on most women.

The bodice and the high waist on these shirts pull attention upwards and since the bottom of the shirt flares out slightly, these tops are excellent for hiding any flaws in the belly area. Pair a baby doll shirt with plus size jeans and you have a cute and sexy new look.

General Dos and Don’ts

long tops for plus size womenWhen it comes to plus size long tops, you don’t want the length to be too long unless the shirt is designed to be long, such as with tunics.

Wearing a t-shirt that comes to the middle of your thighs is probably going too far and is only going to make you look sloppy and unattractive. At the same time, of course, you don’t want the length to be too short, so shirts that stop at your waist should probably be a no-no.

Most Shirts with v-necks are very flattering and draw attention upwards so they are often much better for larger women than tops with rounded or square necklines – however, that’s not to say that rounded or square necklines are something you should stay away from.

Layering lighter weight tops underneath cardigans or button down shirts is a nice fashionable look, as long as the tops fit nicely. Snug fitting is perfectly okay for plus-sized women to wear because you can show off your curves and your figure, but you don’t want your tops to be so snug that they are like a second skin.

Above all else, use your own judgment, but don’t be overly critical of yourself either. If you try on a long plus size top and think it looks absolutely horrible on you, then skip that one and try on another.

However, before you decide that it looks so bad, really take a look at yourself from all angles – maybe even snap a selfie so you can see yourself from a different perspective – and then make your final decision about whether or not the top is right for you.