Are You New to Plus Size Wrap Dresses? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Finding the perfect dress can sometimes seem overwhelming. Even though there are more options than ever before in the plus size fashion industry, dresses can still be a challenge, especially when it comes to finding something casual that can also be used in a more formal situation.

What’s one dress that can be used in almost any situation? A classic wrap dress. Not only are wrap dresses able to be dressed up and down, but they are a perfect solution for curvier figures, thanks to the way the fabric tends to fall, and how they can work to show off your best assets while covering up problem areas.

If you’re new to them and want to make sure you look great in an amazing dress, try keeping the following helpful hints in mind.

Material That Works with You

Tips for Wearing Plus Size Wrap DressesMost wrap dresses, whether they’re casual or for more formal occasions, are typically made with loose-fitting materials, like a jersey-style cotton, silk cotton, etc. This makes them a great option for curvier women because the fabric won’t cling to you in the wrong places, and you also don’t have to worry about a sort of ‘frumpy’ look.

Buying the right size is important. Because the fabric can appear to be a bit lighter and looser, some women will think they need to go a size down, but be sure to dry a wrap dress on before buying it, so you can find the size that works best for you. They will conform more to your body than you might think, so going a size down isn’t always the best choice.

In addition to the material that feels loose and flowing, most dresses also have a bit of ‘extra’ material that creates a ruching look and feel, which you can use to your advantage to hide problem areas.

Drawing In Your Body

Another thing to consider when choosing a gorgeous wrap dress is to look for one with a built-in belt, or ‘cinched’ waist. This can add length to your body, and give you more of an hourglass figure. This sort of built-in cinch should happen just below your bustline.

If you find a wrap dress you love, but it doesn’t have this cinched sort of waist, you can help to create the look yourself by using accessories like a scarf or necklace. Typically, though, a wrap dress is designed to work with your body, so it can be a rarity to find one without a bit of shaping.

Skirts from the Waist

They come in all different lengths, which can be great for different occasions. In fact, wrap dresses can hit just at the knee, which is perfect for cocktail parties and casual occasions, and can go all the way down toward a sort of ‘maxi’ style, which can be used for more formal occasions. But, the one thing you should be even more focused on than length is where the skirt portion of the dress begins to flow outward from the waist.

Typically, women will have one of two issues with their waistline; they either have a defined waist, or they don’t have one. While this certainly isn’t limited to curvy women, it tends to be more of a problem with a fuller figure.

If you struggle with the appearance of a waistline, making the most of a wrap dress can help to create the look of one depending on where the skirt hits. It’s a little ‘trick’ fashion experts have used for years to elongate the look of the body, and it’s as simple as finding the right spot for the waistline to hit.

The skirt of the dress should hit at your waistline – not above or below. If your dress doesn’t have a defined waist, again, you can create the look of one with accessories. When the skirt hits at this sort of ‘sweet spot,’ it can elongate the look of your body, no matter how long the dress itself is. It can also help to hide a larger stomach and hips, giving your body a leaner silhouette overall.

Make the Most of Your Best Features

They come in many different cuts, but it can be universally said that for plus size women, choosing a cut with a deeper neck, or a v-neck of some kind will end up looking better than one that covers most of your chest and shoulders.

Open necklines will help to emphasize your shoulders and bust, and while initially, this may not sound all that ‘appealing,’ you’ll be amazed at how much the combination of comfortable, form-fitting material, and an open neckline can elongate your body and show off some of your best features.

Don’t feel as though being curvier, or plus size means you can’t feel confident in wearing a wrap dress that shows off your bust. This is an old myth that doesn’t ring true today as far as the ‘rules’ go in the world of fashion.

You Can Make Adjustments as Needed

One of the best features about wrap dresses is their ability to be ‘moved’ a bit when it comes to adjusting the fabric. Because of the extra fabric found on most wrap dresses, you can create the shape you’re looking for by using the wrap design to your advantage.

As long as there is enough material to cover your body fully, most wrap dresses can be adjusted to hug your curves perfectly, no matter where your best assets may be. This makes them a great choice for plus size women of all different shapes and features since you can truly make the dress a perfect fit for your body, instead of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ addition to your wardrobe.

Perfect Patterns & Colors

While it’s important to consider different patterns for any dress, since the variety of colors and shapes can completely change a look, one of the best things about wrap dresses is that they don’t often come with overwhelming shapes or patterns. The cut and overall design of the dress itself tends to speak for itself, and usually, if there is a pattern involved, it’s made up of small designs and shapes, rather than large, invasive shapes.

How to Choose a Plus Size Wrap DressMany dresses are also created in darker tones since they hug against your body so easily. While it’s not a necessity to always choose dark colors to ‘hide’ problem areas, in this case, it can be helpful since the fabric of the dresses is usually quite form fitting. Remember, you’re in control with a wrap dress more than you typically are with other cuts and materials, so take advantage of as much of the dress as you can, including the darker colors and smaller patterns.

Break the Plus Size Stereotype

For a long time, wearing dresses was considered to be some fashion ‘no-no,’ but that’s no longer that case, and rightfully so! While many different types of dresses look great on curvier women, it doesn’t get better than a classic, well-fitted wrap dress.

In searching for a wrap dress, try to distance yourself from the idea that you need to pick something ‘bigger’ or with no shape to it. Dresses are no longer just for ‘skinny’ women, and wrap dresses are a perfect example of the fashion industry finally embracing curves, and showing them off in the best way possible!

It’s important to remember that plus size isn’t necessarily ‘one size,’ and breaking the stereotypes that bigger women can’t look feminine in dresses is practically becoming a movement.

They are the perfect solution for breaking that stereotype, because of their built-in femininity. The way the material and cut helps to hug curves while allowing your figure to look its best is really unlike any other dress in the industry, and it helps to give women the confidence they deserve when wearing a dress to any occasion.

If you’re new to plus size wrap dresses, keep these helpful hints in mind, especially if you’re looking to purchase one (or a few!) for the first time. They can be a great gateway dress if you’ve never been all that comfortable dressing up for events because they allow your best features to show while being light and loose enough to cover problem areas and defeat any feelings of restriction.

Don’t be afraid to try on a few, decide which colors, cuts, and designs you like, and chances are, you’ll fall in love with the overall look of the wrap dress, and how it can accentuate the beautiful curves of your body with confidence.