Plus Size Nightclub Dresses: Expectations vs. Reality

Heading out to the club for a night of cutting loose, having fun, and enjoying time with your friends can be really exciting, but half the fun should be picking out the perfect outfit.

When shopping for trendy plus size nightclub dresses, there are a few things to keep in mind. Unfortunately, reality doesn’t always match up with our expectations, and wanting to simply buy something that looks cute can feel impossible at times.

But, there’s always at least one perfect party dress out there, if you keep digging. Still, the process of expectations against reality when shopping for that perfect plus size nightclub outfit can be somewhat frustrating, somewhat confusing, and even somewhat comical, at times, when we take a closer look at how the fashion industry depicts what we should be wearing.

Expectation: Finding Cute, Comfortable, & Chic Plus Size Nightclub Dresses

Finding Gorgeous Plus Size Nightclub DressesWith the world of fashion taking a closer look than ever at the fuller-figured market, it should be easier than ever to find a stylish dress in just about any size. If a size 0 can pull off something svelte and form-fitting, the same cut and design should be available to women of all sizes, thanks to a forward-thinking world of fashion designers.

Reality: a Lot of Flowing Tents

Unfortunately, it seems there are two main options when it comes to finding plus size nightclub dresses in a department store: Either the designers have created a cut that offers a kind of ‘bell’ shape, or the fabric they use is some kind of stretchy, lycra-like material with crazy, unflattering patterns and prints. Many of the plus size dresses in typical department stores simply don’t have a set shape, making them more tent-like than dress-like.

Expectation: Variety in a Plus Size Store

If a store specifically advertises plus size clothing or was created with curvier women in mind, they’re bound to have an awesome selection of dresses to choose from – maybe you could even pick up two or three to wear later.

Reality: Where Is Everything?

Unfortunately, even the plus size stores often run into the issue of limited cuts and styles for their market. You might find a dress you like, either online, or on the rack, but either not having it in your specific size, a color you want, etc., can be a common problem.

Expectation: Showing Off Your Curves, & Your Best Assets

Everyone wants to look and feel their best on a night out, so of course finding clothing that shows off your curvy figure can be a great way to feel confident and beautiful the whole night while having a great time with your friends. Think about how much more you’ll actually be able to enjoy the moment when you’re happy with what you’re wearing, and you know you look great.

Reality: Drawing Attention Elsewhere

Unfortunately, many dresses draw attention to all the wrong places, whether it’s the particular cut of the dress, or the patterns showing up all over it. From overly-accentuating your bust to material that can cling so tightly to your frame, it can show off your curves in the wrong ways, it can be harder than most people think to find a perfect-fitting dress that accentuates the right places.

Expectation: Cute, Unique, Playful Patterns & Designs

In a wide world of dresses, there are bound to be some plus size options that are totally on trend with the looks of the season, including colors and patterns.

Reality: Crazy, Colorful, & Chaotic

Instead of focusing on patterns and designs that work, it can sometimes feel like designers focus more on throwing every pattern possible together in one dress. For some reason, plus size women’s dresses seem to be more prone to getting a lot of excessive treatment when it comes to extra colors, all thrown into one. In an attempt to stay on trend, sometimes plus size clothes can feel more like two or three trends trying to be mashed up into one dress.

Expectation: Finally, the Perfect Dress

Stunning Plus Size Club DressesWhether you find it in the store, or online, the perfect dress can stick out to you instantly. It has everything you need; a cute cut, a flawless design, stylish color, etc. You’re ready to check out…

Reality: Until You See the Price Tag

Sadly, clothing that is designed well, and is actually stylish, can end up costing twice as much as standard sizes that could have similar designs.

While it may offer up some laughs to look at the potential struggles of buying a plus size club dress this way, the truth behind these expectations and realities are often sad, but true.

In a world where plus size fashion is truly coming into its own, having more options available at reasonable prices is undoubtedly coming soon, but for now, it can continue to be a struggle for curvier women looking for something stylish to wear to the club.

However, that definitely doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find something sleek and stylish. The ideal dress is out there, it just might take a bit of extra searching.

A few tips to keep in mind include: Trying darker colors and patterns, especially on areas you want to ‘cover’ a bit more, don’t go too loose or too tight with the fabric, and avoid a lot of detail within the dress itself.

It’s also a good idea to always keep your eyes open for a great dress whenever you’re shopping, even if you’re not necessarily looking for one at the time.

You never know when a great deal on a great dress could pop up, so browse the racks frequently, as well as your favorite online retailers – if you can find an incredible dress ahead of time, it can make for a much less stressful experience when you’re looking for a perfect nightclub outfit.