10 Tips for Making Glamorous Plus Size Maxi Dresses Even Better

Maxi dresses aren’t necessarily a ‘new’ trend, but they certainly have come into their own over the last several years as a fashion-forward hit in both summer and early autumn wardrobe choices.

They are cool, form-fitting, and yet not too revealing while providing both comfort and style. The right maxi dress can feel glamorous, and show off your figure in all the right places while providing you with a sense of confidence and relaxation.

Thankfully, they can look great on just about anyone, from a size zero to curvier figures. But, it’s always great to know you can take something like a fashionable, glamorous plus size maxi dress, and make it even better

Check out these tips for making the most of your beautiful plus size maxi dresses, whether you already have some waiting to be glamorized in your closet, or you’re looking to add a few new ones to your wardrobe. These tips can enhance the look, and give you that much more out of your dress.

10 Awesome Tips for Wearing Plus Size Maxi Dresses

  1. Layer it Up the Right Way

How to find the right Plus Size Maxi DressesWhether you’re at a gala event or a casual party, there may be no better way to actually change the overall look of a maxi dress than to add a layer to it – a light jacket, cardigan, etc. That way, you can dress it up or dress it down depending on what you choose to layer with.

If your dress is a singular color without any elaborate patterns, adding a layering piece with some flare can change up the look at giving it a more glamorous and formal feel. Things like sequined jackets can be great for adding a touch of flare.

One thing to keep in mind when you consider layering over your dress is to make sure what you’re layering with is the right length. You’ll want to choose a piece that fits your waist, not below it. Adding a long jacket or cardigan that does come below the waist can also add to your figure, and make you look several inches bigger, instead of curvy and sleek.

So, be casual with a denim jacket or formal with something sparkly as you’ll quickly be amazed at how much you can change the overall look of the dress by simply adding a single layer.

  1. Substitute It for Formal Wear

Nothing is more glamorous than a beautiful, flowing formal dress. But if you have a formal event coming up, don’t count out a maxi dress as a viable option for a replacement! It can absolutely be substituted for a formal event or cocktail dress, as long as you keep a few things in mind when you’re searching for the perfect type.

Many formal dresses will be laden with sparkles, extra fabric, and more to add shine and appeal, but most dresses don’t have those features. So instead, go for something form-fitting and chic, with beautiful accents.

Bold colors are a great way to stand out, and even if you choose something without a pattern of any kind, you can dress up a maxi dress with the right accessories and footwear.

What’s the best part? You’ll be comfortable and stylish, no matter the occasion, and your look will be something different from the standard formal wear – expect lots of compliments with this helpful tip. Plus, a beautiful maxi dress is bound to be quite a bit less expensive than standard formal wear, which can be a huge incentive for many women in the first place. If money is no object, it’s a perfect excuse to buy two!

  1. Search for a V-Neck

While it can be tempting to stay away from v-neck cuts of anything, thinking they accentuate areas you might want to draw attention away from, when it comes to maxi dresses, v-necks can actually have the opposite effect.

A v-neck maxi dress can actually help to make your body appear longer, cinching more at the waist to give the appearance of long, lean legs. A v-neck doesn’t have to be overly-revealing; choose a cut that’s comfortable for you, and accessorize to distract away from your bust if you feel the least bit self-conscious about it, but you’ll likely love the way it elongates your form.

  1. Boldly Accessorize

We’ve touched on the importance of accessories in a few tips now, but they are worth mentioning all on their own. Choosing to go bold with your accessory choices can take even a casual maxi dress to the next level, from colorful jewelry to a shiny handbag, or even what you decide to wear on your feet.

Remember, always accessorize to fit the overall theme and feel of the event you’re attending – costume jewelry may not fit in at a formal affair but may be perfect for a casual party among friends.

Don’t be afraid to take chances with your accessories. Chances are, you’ll get more compliments on your dress because of them, and you can change up the look again and again just by switching up how you accent it.

Try to choose just one or two accessories at a time – while it’s never a bad idea to go bold, going overboard is far too easy to do, so be sure to limit yourself in how many things you’re adding on. Make the pieces you do add count that much more in importance, and in making a statement.

  1. Find Your Fit

Evening Dresses with Sleeves 2Maxi dresses are typically designed to be more flowing, sometimes with a looser-fitting material, but that doesn’t mean you should accept a dress that doesn’t fit your form well.

The dress should do everything to accentuate your natural frame, not cover it up, and not draw attention to problem areas. If you want your waist to appear leaner, and your legs to appear longer, adding a belt to the dress to give it a more A-frame shape can really help with that.

But, the best thing you can really do to ensure a proper fit is to try the dress/dresses on before actually buying them, and making sure that you not only like the way you look, but you like the way the dress makes you feel.

It’s also a good idea to keep in mind a few of the other tips on this list when purchasing a dress, to see if you can utilize some of them with the particular maxi you have in mind.

  1. Boost Your Bust

This ‘boost’ doesn’t necessarily mean increasing the appearance of your bustline, but it’s important to feel supported in the dress you’re wearing. Again, this is where a v-neck can really help out quite a bit. It doesn’t draw attention to your chest as much as you may think, and can cover up bra straps easily thanks to the looser fabric around the neck.

Scoop-neck dresses will also work well for this. You’re not going to look your best in your dress if you don’t feel fully supported, so if you do have a larger bust, and feel as though you need a support bra, choose a dress that will take away from the attention of that support, letting you experience comfort without compromising fashion.

  1. In Support of Sleeves

Many women are self-conscious about their arms yet don’t tend to think about sleeves as a real option when buying dresses. Maxi dresses really break the mold when it comes to adding sleeves, and they do so in such a classy way, even the most formal events will be accepting of the elegance and class that goes along with a simple maxi dress, with equally-simple, yet tasteful sleeves.

The sleeves of a maxi dress don’t have to ‘hide’ your arms away, but they can reduce the attention drawn to them. A great way to accomplish this is through sheer sleeves that are made from light, flowing fabric. That way, you won’t feel confined or restricted in the dress, and you won’t have to feel self-conscious about your arms.

Can’t find a dress with sleeves you can get behind? Don’t worry. A large handbag can offer the same sort of effect, drawing attention away from your arms, while giving you an accessory to work with.

  1. Avoid the Cling

While maxi dresses can look great on any shape, you should avoid cuts that are too clingy – this is usually more of a fabric choice, so make sure to choose a material that breathes well and offers a bit of flow without being too ‘large.’

Also, choosing a dress that offers more of an A-frame or straight design will work much better in complimenting your figure than a dress with a sort of ‘bell’ shape at the bottom. The idea is to look more tapered, longer, and leaner, and the specific cut and material you use can make all the difference in that.

  1. Be Selective with Solids

It’s sort of a ‘fashion rule’ for plus size women to wear darker colors, or at the very least, solid colors. That isn’t necessarily the case for any piece of clothing anymore, thanks to the expansion of the plus size fashion industry, but when it comes to maxi dresses, solid colors might not always be the best, especially if you’re not accenting them with anything.

Solids can be somewhat unforgiving of your shape, so if you have problem areas you’re looking to hide or cover up in a subtle way, choose patterns and shapes for the dress – a design that fits your proportions, hides problem areas, and accentuates the areas of your body you’re ready to show off! Even formalwear can be dressed up with classy prints.

  1. Choose for Your Shoes

How to Choose a Beautiful Plus Size Maxi DressMaxi dresses are typically designed to just barely brush the floor, but if you might be dressing the maxi up for one event, and wearing it casually to another, it’s important to pick a dress that can work with a variety of shoes, and a variety of shoe heights. There’s nothing worse than having a dress drag on the ground because you decide to wear flats – and, it’ll get ruined very quickly that way.

Alternatively, it can be a sort of ‘fashion faux pas’ to wear a dress that is too short, thanks to a killer pair of stilettos. Fashion and function are meant to go hand in hand, so choosing a dress that allows that is important!

There are definitely ‘happy mediums’ in the world of maxi dresses and their lengths, so don’t be afraid to try on a few dresses with different shoes on your feet, to make sure it’s the right fit for every occasion, formal or informal.

The Glamour of the Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are most definitely here to stay, with their ever-increasing popularity showing that they can be used in a variety of different ways, from casual to formal. When it comes to really ‘dressing them up,’ you can use any of these tips and truly make the dress your own.

Plus size women shouldn’t feel as though they can’t wear dresses that are meant to look longer and leaner, because that’s exactly what the dress can do; make you look longer and leaner! In fact, they are a great way to give your body an overall leaner appearance without sacrificing comfort or functionality. They can be taken from a backyard barbecue, to a formal dinner, and just about anywhere in between by dressing them up and down.

As you can see (and probably already knew!) that long dresses can be great on their own. Whether you use one of these tips, keep the balance of them all in line. They may seem simple, but the smallest changes can really make a glamorous maxi dress even better.