10 Things to Know About Special Occasion Plus Size Maternity Dresses

Having a baby can be a momentous and joyous occasion in anyone’s life, no matter your size. However, it’s unfortunate that many brand-name stores, and even stores specializing in maternity-wear, don’t often cater for your needs, especially when it comes to looks that are made for special occasions, like nicer dresses, etc.

Between the idea that your body will be changing even more, and the unfortunate words of people telling you to just ‘buy bigger sizes,’ being a plus size woman looking for beautiful maternity dresses can get frustrating. Just ‘buying bigger sizes’ does not work, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are definitely a few things to keep in mind about general maternity-wear as a plus size woman, and how to make it work for your body, but special occasion dresses are especially important – it’s a time when you really want to look your best. Thankfully, there are a few things you should know about plus size maternity dresses that can be a great help when you’re picking out the perfect look for your next big event.

10 Tips for Wearing Plus Size Maternity Dresses

  1. The Right Fit Makes the Difference

Gorgeous Plus Size Maternity DressesYou probably already have a good idea on what type of fabrics and cuts typically work well with your body type – everyone is different, so there is no real ‘magic material’ that works perfectly for everyone. Don’t let that change just because you’re pregnant.

Finding a gorgeous dress in a fabric that usually looks good on you is a great way to get started. To accentuate the right places, and hide problem areas, you can look for ruching in select locations of the dress – this can also help to add to the overall elegance of it, while providing a little extra ‘coverage’ over areas that you may want to smoothe out.

  1. The Right Length Is Important

Choosing the perfect length for a dress can sometimes feel like a guessing game, but there’s a good rule of thumb to follow: Look for cuts that hit just at the knee. Not only is that an appropriate length for just about any occasion, but it can actually help you to look longer and leaner, accentuating your legs and giving them a more shapely look. Your pregnancy will actually give you a ‘shorter’ appearance, so adding the look of length to your legs can really help.

  1. Fabric Familiarity

While we already touched on using a fabric you know works for your body, there are a few specific instances where a fabric can look great on pretty much anyone, and actually help to show off your best features, while disguising areas you’d like to cover a bit more.

The most important thing is to make sure the fabric you choose isn’t clingy, and instead drapes gracefully across your body. Things like cotton blends, or even a silky jersey fabric can be great solutions for the right kind of fabric, and look great both dressed up and dressed down. While using a fabric you’re already familiar with can be a great asset to have in your arsenal, don’t be afraid to branch out to a few different, notable types that can offer stretch, yet support.

  1. Embrace Body Length

Choosing cuts that are elegant, yet functional can help to elongate your body and bring the focus up from your neck onward. V-neck dresses are a great way to achieve this look, as well as wrap dresses that can be controlled when it comes to how much you want to show off of your neck, shoulders, etc. Remember to keep it as classy as possible for the event you’re attending, but elongate the features of your upper body as much as you can with the right neckline.

Some cuts can go too deep within the dress, and even scoop necks can go too far. A comfortable solution usually falls somewhere around the shoulders, so you can still show off your best features while proving your elegance with the perfect dress cut for your body type. You’ll look longer, leaner, and radiant in the right cut and design.

  1. Add More Shape

Sometimes loose, flowing fabric can look great when it comes to providing comfort while showing off elegance, but when fabric gets too loose, it can make you look somewhat ‘frumpy,’ which is the last thing any mom-to-be wants at a special event.

Thankfully, you can actually slim yourself out, and show off your fantastic baby bump at the same time by using a thin belt that works well with your dress. Fasten it just underneath your ribcage to give the dress shape, and show off your bundle of joy!

  1. Embrace Patterns

Plus size and pregnant doesn’t mean patternless. It’s just a matter of choosing the right patterns, especially for a special occasion dress. However, use patterns and colors to your advantage by showing them off in different ‘pops’ here and there. Perhaps that includes a patterned scarf, or boldly colored cardigan.

Try to stay away from large prints, that can make you actually look even bigger. Instead, go bold with your patterns, but use them sparingly. When done correctly, they can add a lot to even the simplest of dresses.

  1. Stay Snug

While going for looser-fitting fabrics can look elegant, it’s a good idea to give your overall look some kind of mix. So, don’t be afraid to choose sleeves that are more snug, or a certain part of the dress that is more fitted than another. Not only will this give you a variety of looks, but it offers the best of both worlds in allowing you to be comfortable, while showing off your figure in the best way possible.

  1. Dress up Your ‘Bump’

Being plus size and finding a dress can sometimes seem overwhelming enough, so don’t give people an excuse to tell you to ‘buy a bigger dress.’ Instead, show off the fact that you are indeed, pregnant. Accentuate that fact by trying a wrap dress that offers loose-fitting material around the top half of your torso, and is a bit more fitted around your waist to show off your baby bump. You’ll feel beautiful and confident, and you’ll have to be prepared for all of the ‘congrats’ that will undoubtedly come your way at your special event.

  1. Accessories Are Important

Find the Perfect Plus Size Maternity DressWhile this little ‘tip’ may not be able the dress itself, accessorizing your maternity dress can really help to make a difference in the overall look. You can decide where you want the attention to go (and problem spots you’d like to hide), and it’s a great way to actually ‘dress up’ a more casual looking dress to give it a more formal feel.

A simple statement piece or two can really do the trick in turning an average dress into something special. Be sure to stick with a piece that complements what you’re already wearing, and avoid adding too many accessories at once.

  1. Get Something New

It’s worth repeating that simply wearing a loose-fitting dress (especially one that you may already own) should be avoided. There is an obvious difference between being a plus size woman, and being a plus size woman who is pregnant, so don’t be afraid to embrace that difference, and show off your baby bump to the world, especially at a special occasion.

Maternity-wear is cut differently, and meant to accentuate different areas of the body in a more unique way than other plus size clothing, so as a special occasion comes up, take the time and make the investment in a maternity dress that will make you feel your best, and look flawless.

Getting the Most Out of Plus Size Maternity Dresses

While the most important thing to know about plus size maternity dresses is to make sure you’re comfortable with how you look, there are definitely a few helpful hints to keep in mind. It can be easy to dress in the wrong kind of fabric, whether that means the dress will be either too clingy or too loose. The right kind of cut is also important, showing focus on your baby bump, while taking away problem areas.

Don’t shy away from taking risks when it comes to dresses for a special occasion. A pregnancy is a great excuse to try out something new, that you may otherwise have never given a chance to. Feel free to use some of these small pieces of knowledge if you have an event of your own coming up, and need to look your best, and feel your best.