What You Don’t Know About Plus Size Business Suits

When you need to dress professionally, plus size business suits will provide you with the look you want to achieve. They are suitable for wearing to the office as well as for many other events and occasions.

The key to looking good in a suit is finding one that has style and fits the shape of your body well. Too often, women wear suits that are all wrong for them and as a result, they end up looking less than professional.

One of the main reasons why a suit may create an unprofessional appearance is because many curvier women buy clothing that is much too large or unshapely for their bodies.

Whether this is done in an attempt to hide various areas of their bodies or if it’s done because they are having difficulty finding a shapely suit, the result often creates a look that is more masculine than feminine.

Plus Size Business Suits Offer Shape & Style

Generally, women’s suits are designed with much more shape to them than men’s suits. If you compare the two side by side, you will see that the men’s has a much straighter cut, with no real shape to it whereas the women’s has a much more feminine cut that is designed to emphasize curves.

Plus Size Business Suits 1The problem, however, that many women run into is that a lot of the plus size women’s business suits lack the shape that smaller women’s suits have and, as a result, the suit will appear too large and frumpy.

The good news is that there are plenty of plus size business clothes on the market that will give you that feminine look and style you deserve so you can give off a much more professional appearance and feel confident in yourself as well.

To find a suit that fits your body well, you may need to buy each piece of the suit separately. There are many that come with pants or skirt and jacket together, but buying those is where you will run into trouble. This is because not all women are perfectly proportional from head to toe.

Many women require a large size in tops than they do bottoms or vice versa, and if you go for the suit set, you will end up with one piece that fits much too big. This problem can be taken care of usually through tailoring, but when there are other options that will allow you to buy a suit that will fit each section of your body appropriately, why go through the trouble and expense of having the suit tailored to fit you?

Suit separates are the ideal choice because you can buy the smaller bottoms and still get a top that will accommodate your large bust or wide shoulders or you can get the smaller top and larger bottoms that will work well with your larger hips and behind. Whatever the issue is, you will be able to obtain a professional look that is stylish and quite attractive.

Considering the Options

plus size women's business suitWomen have much more opportunity to play with styles and looks when it comes to business attire than men do.

Men’s suits usually consist of pants and a jacket and sometimes a vest for additional choices, but that’s it. Women’s plus size business suits, however, can consist of pants with a jacket, a skirt with a jacket, or even a plus size dress with a jacket.

In addition to the variety of pieces available, women also have the option of mixing and matching colors and styles to create different looks. For example, you could pair a red skirt with a black jacket instead of wearing the same color on both top and bottom.

This option allows you to create multiple looks even if you only have three or four plus size women’s business suits hanging in your closet.

Women also have many options when it comes to the particular style of each suit piece. For example, for suit pants, you can choose from a straight leg, fitted in the hips and thighs with a flare toward the bottom, wide leg, etc.

There are also a variety of skirt and dress styles to choose from such as pencil skirts, A-line skirts, or a looser, more flowing skirt style.

Ensuring a Good Fit

The best thing to do to ensure you get a good fit with plus size business suits for women is to take your body measurements.

You can do this yourself or have someone else help you, but either way, having those measurements in hand when you’re shopping for your suit will assist you in weeding through all the ones that are wrong for you so you can quickly find plus size women’s pants or skirts and jackets that will fit your body the best.

Plus Size Business Suits 2Then, you should always try on the clothing because even when you choose clothes that match your body measurements, it’s likely that there will be some areas that don’t fit as well as you’d like them to.

If it’s something minor such as being too long, that’s easy to fix and shouldn’t keep you from purchasing the suit, but there could be bigger issues too such as puckering when you button the jacket, or not enough give across the shoulders.

If something like this happens, try on the next size up and if that is just too big, then move on to a different suit.

You will run into inconsistencies in sizing across different manufacturers, so don’t just ever assume that because you wear one size in one brand of clothing that you will also wear that size and get the same fit in another brand of clothing.

Trying on the clothes is crucial to ensure that they fit you well, give you the professional appearance you’re looking for, and make you feel good about wearing the plus size business suits.

If you’re ordering online, obviously you can’t try on the clothing first, so make sure to pay attention to the manufacturer’s sizing chart and order the size that is closest to your measurements and also look into their return policy in case the suit does not fit you properly.