How to Choose Plus Size Blouses That Emphasize Your Shape & Curves

If you’re one of those women who put on plus size blouses, takes one look in the mirror, and then takes them off and tosses them aside, never to be worn again because you think your arms look hideous in it or you think it fits too snugly in the bust or you can see your love handles through it, then this article is for you.

The reason why you can’t ever feel good about the shirts you put on is probably because you’re wearing the wrong ones for your body type. There’s probably at least one shirt in your closet that you love to wear because it looks fantastic on you and you feel great about yourself when you’re wearing it.

That shirt is more than likely a shirt that is meant for your body type and that’s why it looks so great on you. So, to find plus size women’s blouses that you can put on with confidence, you need to first figure out what type of body you have.

Body Types

There are four different body types – apple, hourglass, pear, and rectangle. To determine which one of them you are, it’s best to stand in front of a mirror so you can which category you fit into. It’s possible that you may even have characteristics of more than one body type, which means you could easily wear the shirt styles recommended for each of them.

Plus Size Blouses 2Women with an apple shape have rounder figures and a waist that is wider than their hips and shoulders. If you have problems with shirts fitting snugly around your middle but being too big on top, then you’re likely an apple shape.

Plus size blouses for women with V-necks are perfect for apple-shaped figures as the V-neck will take attention away from the middle of your body and draw it upwards. In addition, the V-neck will elongate your neck and create a slimmer illusion.

Hourglass shapes are defined as having wide hips and shoulders with a narrower waist. This is a body shape that many women wish they had because it’s super easy to shop and find clothes that look wonderful on this body shape. To highlight your curves, go for shirts that accentuate your waist with things like belts and ties.

Those with the pear shape body type have hips that are wider than their waist and their bust. You want to find plus size women’s blouses that pull attention away from your hips and makes it appear as though the top of your body is wider.

Look for plus size tops that have rounded or squared necklines with embellishments located at the neckline or very close to the top of the shirt. This will help draw attention upwards while also making the top of your body look wider and appear more in line with your hips.

Women with the rectangle body shape have a straighter figure with very few curves, so blouses can often look odd on women with this body type. The trick is to wear a shirt that creates an illusion of curves. Something like empire waist tops would work well for the rectangle shape.

Tricks to Know

Once you know which body type you have, you can shop with more excitement as you’re bound to find something that is going to highlight your features and fit well in all areas. There are a few tricks that will make the “wrong” tops fit you much better.

The first trick is to wear a plus size tank top or cami shirt underneath the blouse you will be wearing all day. The undershirt will help to smooth any lines or bumps that may show through your blouse, like bra lines and love handles.

To see the difference this makes, first try on your blouse without the tank top underneath it and then try it on again with the tank top underneath it and compare how prominent the lines and bumps are between them.

Plus Size Blouses 3The next trick is to find the right colors. While you can feel free to wear whatever color you want, darker colors like black, blue, deep red, and dark purple create a very elegant appearance on plus size women and they create a slimming look, too.

Brighter colors are good to wear, but you want to be careful with truly bright colors as they may draw unwanted attention to the “problem” areas of your torso.

Wear long blouses that at least come to the middle of your hips instead of shorter blouses as they not only help to lengthen the look of your torso, but they also provide ample coverage for the belly and butt areas.

You won’t have to be concerned about showing too much skin in those areas when you sit, bend, or raise your arms.

Baggy is Bad

Too often plus size women choose baggy tops to wear because they believe the largeness of the top helps to conceal their bodies, but what they actually do is make you look sloppy and unattractive.

Throw out every single baggy shirt you own and replace them with shirts that fit your body shape. Baggy tops will also make you appear shorter than you are, which is not a huge deal if you’re already quite tall, but for shorter women, it can be very bad.

Don’t be afraid to wear a top that shows off your curves. Things are different than they used to be in the fashion industry for sure and that’s apparent when you compare the quantity of plus size clothing that used to be available to what’s available today, and also when you compare the level of style that the clothes used to have compared to what they have now.

With all the cute, stylish, and sexy plus size blouses that you can get now, why would you even want to wear a baggy top that does nothing to emphasize your beautiful shape? Embrace your body and embrace your style so you can put on a top and feel good about wearing it.