How to Look Good in a Plus Size Gown

You have just been invited to an event and are nervous about what to wear. Well, don’t worry anymore, because there are lots of options for a women’s plus size gown.

Women with more voluptuous shapes have no reason to hide behind dull, extra-large dresses, presumably meant to conceal a curvy figure.

Even though the catwalks are still crowded with skinny, tall models, there is a wide range of gowns that fit a curvy silhouette and, even more, make you shine like a diva.

A good dress or gown should make a woman feel gorgeous and attractive. You just have to find the one that highlights your beautiful features and blots the things you are not so satisfied with.

So, before you give up all hope of finding the boutique gown of your dreams, find out the many options that are available.

Know Exactly What You Want

Plus Size Formal Gowns 1There are no two figures that are identical, so don’t try to just copy an outfit that took your breath away. While it might fit you right, there is also a chance that it will show up the areas that you want to conceal.

The truth is that curvy ladies are not all the same. Some might have problems with their thighs, but still, have a nice waist; for others, the waist is the one thing they want to conceal due to a surplus, or maybe the problem is with their chest.

At the same time, you might be lucky enough to have a nice Coca-Cola bottle figure, despite the extra weight. Each woman is different, so before you buy a women’s plus size gown, you should think about the part of your body that you want to hide or, on the contrary, to lay emphasis on.

There are many gown models that are cut in such a way to fit every desire, so it’s a simple matter of choice.

Breaking the Patterns

There many myths revolving around the dos and don’ts of plus size wear. One of them is the notorious dark color rule. Whereas black, navy, indigo or any other dark shade is a sure winner for a curvy woman, adding some color to your outfit might be just as beneficial.

As specified earlier, the important thing and maybe the one rule you need to follow, is choosing the cut that fits you best.

Again, it is usually said that loose gowns for curvy women are preferable, but that is not always true. If you have a nice hour-glass figure, even with some extra kilos, a tight dress will highlight your waist and follow the lines of your body nicely.

At the same time, a light, aerial A-shaped gown will flow around your body and conceal imperfections. It is all a matter of playing with cuts and volumes, lines and colors. A gown with black lace insertions on the sides, for instance, creates a visual effect of slimming.

So figure out your problem areas and choose from the following ideas.

Gowns for a Thin Waist

If you don’t have problems in your waist area and have a harmonious silhouette, there is no reason to avoid a tight, or better said, a wrap plus size gown that will embrace your natural lines, while making your waist the center of attention.

But, pay attention not to choose one that is too tight and will squeeze your body making you look like a balloon puppet.

Go for a plain gown, from a matte fabric, with simple cuts. If you want extra emphasis on the waist, you can add a delicate belt, which can be in the same color as the gown, for a simple look, or in a different color if you seek a more playful appearance.

Problems with Your Hips

Plus Size Gown 3If the part of your body that you’d like to conceal is your hips, an empire gown suits you well. It will also cover your abdomen and flow nicely down your body, drawing attention away from your hips and to your chest.

If you don’t like empire gowns, in particular, you can go for any A-shape women’s gown for women, because the two models have similar effects: the attention is drawn to the upper part of the body and the hips remain concealed under the wavy material of the dress.

Concealing a Prominent Chest

If your chest is not something that you want emphasized, don’t worry, you have various options that will take care of this problem. One type of cleavage that will advantage you is the deep, baby doll type. This gown model will also hide your belly. You can also choose a gown with a V shape cleavage which will outline your chest nicely.

You can go either for a simple V shape or for an overlapped one, both of them look good if you have a prominent chest. Another option is a gown which has a loose, easy cut in the upper part, with a surplus of fabric that creates creases on the cleavage.

Whatever You Wear, Wear It Right

As you can see, a curvy woman has quite some options when it comes to choosing a dress or a gown for an event. But, after all, the important thing is not necessarily what you wear, but how you wear it, so, no matter the dress you pick, arm yourself with self-confidence, a positive attitude and a beautiful smile and you have the perfect recipe for looking great in your plus size gown.