Overlooked Considerations When Choosing Plus Size Business Clothes

If you work in a professional environment, you are going to need plus size business clothes, but finding ones that are stylish, that fit right, and that doesn’t leave you looking frumpy can sometimes be a challenge.

However, with all of the stores, there are these days that specialize in plus size clothing, it is becoming easier to find clothes for many different occasions, including the difficult area of business work attire.

There are many options for professional work clothing, so it’s not as if you’re limited to one particular look or style – unless your workplace has requirements on what you can and cannot wear, which many do, unfortunately.

There are business suits, dresses, skirts, and blouses in every color imaginable and in an assortment of styles that are suitable for the workplace and are designed with the curvier woman in mind.

Choosing Business Suits

Business suits immediately pop into most people’s minds when they think about professional work attire, and of all the plus size clothes for work there is to choose from, suits are by far the most popular choice.

Plus Size Business Clothes 2There are many stylish business suits for plus size women, but then there are also the frumpy plain ones that don’t do a whole lot to flatter your body and can often resemble men’s suits, which is something you don’t want to wear.

When you’re shopping for a suit, look for ones that have a little something different to take away from the plainness factor. For instance, choose one that has metal toggles instead of buttons. Even something that small can make a big difference in the overall look of your plus size women’s business clothes.

It’s also important to get a suit that fits properly and looks feminine – this is not to say you have to get a frilly suit with ruffles or some other girlie embellishments, but you want one that is designed for women with curves and not one that resembles a man’s suit.

You also don’t want the outfit to be too big in one area and too snug in another. If you can’t find one that fits your whole body equally, you may need to have it tailored to fit correctly.

Wearing Skirts and Dresses

Aside from the typical business suits, you also have the option of wearing a dress or a skirt to work. When you’re choosing plus size dresses, go for form-fitting knee-length ones as these look very professional and are very attractive on many different body types.

You’ll find them with short sleeves and some that are sleeveless. Either style is fine as long as looks okay on your body, and if it doesn’t, you’ll notice it as soon as you put it on as some types of sleeves don’t work well for some women.

If you choose a dress, it’s also very easy to toss on a jacket that matches in color or one that is in a complementing color to provide a more business-appropriate look for meetings or court days or for any other situation that requires you to look as professional as possible. When you are just spending the day in the office, wearing a jacket is usually not necessary.

As an alternative, you can also wear a skirt with a plus size dressy top. There are a lot of skirt styles that would be suitable for the workplace, but most women go for the pencil-skirt style. Believe it or not, you can find pencil skirts for plus size women and they look very attractive and professional when paired with a nice top and a suit jacket.

Plus Size Business Clothes 3

Things to Avoid

When it comes to plus size business clothes, there are some things you need to avoid in order to maintain a professional appearance.

Many curvy women have large busts and it can be hard sometimes to avoid showing too much cleavage when wearing shirts with V-necks or lower cut rounded necklines, but this is really something you need to be mindful of. No cleavage in the workplace is best, but for some women that means wearing shirts that are not very stylish, so just be careful that you aren’t showing too much with the tops you choose to wear.

If you choose to wear a dress or skirt to work, make sure that the hem is as close to knee-length as possible. This is considered the most professional length and it’s a length that looks great on all women. This length will also help to avoid showing off your backside when bending over or sitting down.

Plus Size Business Clothes 2Because some women have larger backsides, dresses and skirts can often end up shorter in the back than they are in front, so watch when you’re trying on the plus size business clothes to make sure this isn’t happening.

Women who choose to wear plus size pants would do better to seek out the styles that have higher waists on them. The high waist will help to conceal love handles or larger tummies.

It will also help you to avoid the need to pull your pants up and constantly readjust them throughout the day as can happen with hip hugger pants or low waist pants. The higher waist pants are much more professional looking than any other style anyway.

Don’t restrict your outfit choices by having too many items that have to be worn as a set. You’d do better to have items that you can mix and match because it will give you more outfit choices and will actually save you money in the long run.

Think about it, if you have five business suits in your closet that don’t pair well with other items you have, then you are stuck wearing the same outfits week after week.

However, if you have business suits that coordinate well together, you can mix and match the pieces so you have a different look for every day of the week for several weeks.

Toss in a few skirts, blouses, and dresses to wear occasionally and you could probably have enough of a variety of plus size business clothes to not ever have to wear the exact same thing to work more than once a month.