Look & Feel More Feminine in Plus Size Work Dresses

In this day and age there is a huge variety of formal clothing for women from nice dress slacks and blouses to suits with either pants or a skirt.

However, sometimes women want to look a little more feminine than typical work clothing allows them to so they wear plus size work dresses. When you think of dressing professionally, most people’s minds automatically go to the standard suit, so it’s not surprising to learn that a lot of women don’t wear dresses to work.

In many careers, there may be certain dress codes that you have to follow that may prohibit you from wearing a dress, but for the most part, plus size women’s work dresses are perfectly acceptable as professional work attire.

For instance, teachers, secretaries, paralegal assistants, and many others can wear pretty much whatever kind of work attire that they wish to wear.

If you work in a field that gives you the freedom to wear anything professionally-appropriate, then you should consider wearing a dress to work once in a while.

Professional Work Dresses

Plus Size Work Dresses 2If you walk into most clothing stores, you are likely to find an assortment of styles and types of clothing from casual things like jeans and t-shirts to business formal clothing such as suits and slacks and even formal clothing like evening gowns and plus size cocktail dresses.

Hidden among all these types of clothing, you will also find a selection of nice dresses designed to be worn to work or for other occasions that require a slightly dressier appearance.

Obviously, a woman can look very feminine wearing a pair of dress pants with a silk blouse in a pretty color like lilac or blue, but there’s just something about plus size work dresses that screams femininity.

You will find all sorts of styles, colors, and patterns available to choose from, especially now that so many designers are getting on board with making stylish clothing.

They’re finally hearing the voices of all the curvy women that have complained about not being able to find fashionable clothes to wear, about being stuck wearing frumpy, ugly clothing because it’s all that was available in their sizes.

Now you can walk into most stores and you can find a nice selection of clothing for women in bigger sizes, clothing that looks very similar to that of the smaller sized clothing.

When you’re shopping around for plus size dresses for work, focus on those that come to right at or just above your knees, as these are the lengths that look the most professional.

However, depending on what kind of job you have, you may be able to wear longer dresses as it will vary depending on your company’s policies regarding dress codes and the type of work you do every day.

Different Styles of Work Dress

There are so many different styles to choose from, you may have a hard time picking out only a few at first. One style that is growing in popularity has a more fitted bodice with a looser, fuller skirt that stops just above the knees.

Plus Size Work Dresses MainYou can find this style in an array of colors, but many women go for the ones that have contrasting colors for the bodice and the skirt parts of the dress, such as a black bodice with a gray skirt and then they accessorize the look with a nice wide belt. This makes the dress look as though it’s two pieces when in fact it’s just one flowing piece that is broken up by the color change and the belt.

Another professionally-appropriate style of dress would be pencil skirt dresses. These dresses hug the body from the bodice down to the bottom of the skirt, without being uncomfortably or unattractively tight.

They are very nice looking and can easily be worn with a dressy jacket or sweater that will only add to the overall look of the dress itself. This is also an excellent style to wear if you want to show off some of your curves while still remaining professional about it.

It’d be impossible to discuss every type of work dress that is available to buy, but the ones listed above seem to be worn the most by women who work in a professional atmosphere. To get an idea of every style there is for you to choose from, such as tea length plus size dresses browse through your local store or get online and look at the different ones from the comfort of your home.

Accessories Are Important

Accessorizing your chosen outfit, whether it’s a dress or a plus size dressy top and skirt is always a great way to add some creativity and personality to your clothing. Wearing things like belts with fancy belt buckles, decorative scarves or cowls worn stylishly around your neck, and even carrying just the right handbag can take your chosen outfit up a few notches in the fashion department.

Plus Size Work Dresses 2

Of course, high heels are the most accepted style of shoe among professional women, but if you don’t like wearing heels or you can’t wear them for some reason, find yourself a stylish pair of flats to wear with your new dress.

Choosing dresses that have small embellishments such as ribbons or ties can add some flair to an otherwise boring dress. Wearing a dressy jacket or sweater over your dress can change the way the dress looks on you as well, and they can easily be removed later in the day if you get too warm with them on.

When you’re considering wearing jewelry with your plus size work dresses, you should keep it simple. You don’t want to wear a bunch of bracelets on one arm that are going to clank against each other and jangle every time you move. Instead of a bunch on one arm, wear only one or two on each arm.

Wear a necklace only if it adds to your outfit and creates a focal point on your body. Focal points such as this can help to pull attention away from problem areas of the body, so sometimes a necklace with an interesting pendant on it can be a great way to pull eyes upwards towards your face and take attention away from wide hips or a little extra belly that is hard to keep hidden.