Look Amazing & Feel Confident in One Piece Plus Size Swimwear

Finding a swimsuit that fits you well and gives you the confidence to wear in public can be a difficult task. This is why a lot of women end up going with the simplest black swimsuit they can find because black is supposed to be a slimming color and the simplicity of the design allows you to blend in easier.

However, with all of the new and interesting styles of one piece plus size swimwear available these days, it is possible to find one that not only fits you well but is stylish and can make you feel more confident wearing it in public.

There are many different styles and colors to choose from, so your options are limitless. You also no longer need to worry about breaking the bank when buying a swimsuit because there are cute, stylish and even sexy swimsuits that are affordable no matter how low or high your budget is.

Must-Have Swimsuits

Although there are a variety of one-piece women’s plus size swimwear styles, there are five styles that look exceptionally flattering on plus size women. When you’re shopping for your next swimsuit, you should keep these must-have swimsuits at the top of your list.

  • Halter Swimsuit – This style of swimsuit has a string or a strap that either ties or wraps around the back of the neck which provides additional support to the bust. This swimsuit style leaves your back exposed and provides ample coverage for your butt. The design of the halter one-piece keeps your belly covered but allows you to show off some cleavage and is very flattering on curvy women.

One Piece Plus Size Swimwear 2

  • Swimdress – Swimdresses are very sexy and stylish and are the perfect choice for women who prefer not to have their butt or thighs exposed in a more revealing swimsuit.

This swimsuit gets its name because it looks very similar to a dress with a skirt on the bottom and one of many different traditional swimsuit tops. One of the most popular styles of this particular swimsuit is the plus size halter swim dress, but you can find many different styles that range in modesty and sexiness.

  • High Neck Swimsuit – This is a very modest style one piece plus size swimwear with a neckline that is high and fully covers the bust and chest area.

This kind will usually have two shoulder straps or a single strap that ties around the neck with a back that is open down to just above the butt. You will find this style with a variety of leg cuts, such as high cut, low cut, and some have a short-style or a skirt-style bottom.

  • Tankini – A tankini is actually a two-piece swimsuit but the way it is designed makes it look like a one-piece. Because it’s possible to mix and match the tops and bottoms, it is easier to find a nice fit because you can buy a bigger top and smaller bottom or vice versa depending on how your body proportions and shape are.

The tops of this style of swimsuit resemble a tank shirt and they completely cover the belly area. You can find tankini bottoms in three styles – skirt, bikini, or shorts, so you can choose the amount of coverage you want or need to have depending on which style bottoms you choose to go with your tankini top.

  • Strapless – Last, but not least, there is the strapless one-piece plus size swimwear. As it sounds, there are no straps or ties to hold this swimsuit up, but it fits snugly just above your bust line. This style is great for all body types and sizes.

Black or Color?

When you’re choosing your one piece plus size swimwear, you may be inclined to go with a black one so that it makes you look slimmer, and while black is a very slimming color, you might want to consider choosing one that has a more colorful appearance. Black is plain and boring, and if you’re going for a stylish swimsuit, you might as well go for a color that is more interesting and fun.

One Piece women's Plus Size Swimwear

You could choose a brighter solid color swimsuit or you could choose one that has several different solid colors on it, such as one with some color blocking or a subtle pattern in varying colors. You could even go crazy and get one that has a bold and bright pattern on it.

If you’re on the fence about choosing a patterned one-piece, one thing that may change your mind is knowing that patterns on one-piece plus size swimwear can help to disguise body flaws and problem areas.

If you want some additional coverage for when you’re not in the water, you should pick up a swimsuit cover to toss on over your swimsuit so you won’t feel the need to wear regular plus size tank tops and shorts to keep you covered.

Some swimsuits actually come with matching cover-ups, but usually, they are sold separately so you can choose the color and style you want to go with your swimsuit.

It’s probably a good idea to have some type of cover-up to wear to protect your skin from the sun when you’re not swimming in the water, and it may make you feel more comfortable to wear one instead of walking around in just your swimsuit.

Other Options & Good Fit

There are way too many styles and designs of one piece plus size swimwear to talk about them all in one article, so if none of the ones listed here appeal to you, you have many other options to choose from in the stores or online.

Since a lot of women have difficulties finding a one-piece swimsuit that fits their body comfortably both in the bust area and the butt and hips area, it might be wise to take your body measurements to make it easier to determine whether a swimsuit you’re interested in is going to fit you.

Or better yet, go for a tankini swimsuit so you can get the correct size you need on top and on the bottom, but you will still have the coverage that one-piece plus size swimwear will give you.