How to Find Discount Plus Size Swimwear That Looks Good

Be it summer or winter, an occasion to go to the swimming pool, the Spa or even to the beach might come up anytime. And if your budget is low, finding discount plus size swimwear is mandatory. With a long history, the swimsuit needs no presentation.

In a nutshell, it is part of any woman’s wardrobe, a must-have for any aqua-event or just for lying in the sun to get a tan.

This item might be a bit problematical when it comes to larger sizes. What curvy women usually struggle to conceal is out in the open when wearing a swimsuit, that is why is it crucial to find the model that hides the parts you are not that happy about and outlines your pleasant curves.

Just because you are on the larger size category does not mean you should never wear a plus size halter swimdress or wear a tent-like substitute instead. There are many gorgeous models that advantage a curvy figure, so just stay with us to find out more about discounted swimwear hunting.

Dos And Don’ts Of Swimwear

Just as any woman, regardless the weight, you should always pay attention to the clothes you choose, so that they best fit your figure. Even more so when it comes to plus size swimwear.

Plus Size Halter Swimdress 1Of course, that sophisticated swimsuits seen on slim models on TV or in the magazines are very appealing to anyone, but the truth is that the perfect look displayed by swimwear models is almost impossible to achieve, due to numerous factor.

But in any case, a woman’s objective should not be another woman’s beauty or appearance, but her own, unique style that best represents her personality. So, if you are a voluptuous woman, there are some details you should take into consideration when you choose your bathing suit.

First of all, avoid the two-piece suit that has those tiny bikinis which will ”cut” your body on the sides, thus exposing and highlighting surplus weight. The same goes for the intricate models that have many thin straps, no matter if we are speaking about one piece or two piece swimwear.

This does not mean that these two types of suits are totally forbidden to curvy women. False! You can wear both two-piece swimsuits and strap models if you know how to choose the right ones.

Of course, the right accessories can do miracles as well. So maybe you should invest in a beautiful pareo that could complement your plus size bikini top and bottom. This being said, let’s go on to some discount plus size swimwear that beautifully embraces any curves.

The Two-Piece Swimsuit

Although this possibility could seem odd and many plus size women avoid this model because they consider it an enemy of a voluptuous figure, you might be surprised to find out that you can wear a two-piece swimsuit and look great in it.

Of course, there’s a catch. The secret is to choose a model that has high waist briefs and a bra that is not tiny, but quite ample, to fit and support a prominent chest. You can go for one with a deep cleavage if you want, but make sure to get the right size.

Feel Confident in One Piece Plus Size Swimwear 2If it’s too small you might have some unpleasant accidents and show more than you would want to. The high waist briefs will conceal your belly surplus and a well-chosen bra will cover just as much so you don’t have to worry about unhappy accidents.

An alternative to the two-piece plus size swimwear is the tankini, which is somewhere in between the two and one piece bathing suit.

For those who are not familiar with this type of swimsuit, it is formed out of a pair of briefs and a tank top instead of a bra. The tank top will cover your abdomen, but still leaves out a demure strand of skin, if this idea appeals to you.

One-Piece Discounted Plus Size Swimwear

More popular among the curvy women, the one piece plus size swimwear is usually the first option for a day on the beach or at the swimming pool.

A great acquisition for any woman, the one piece bathing suit has a lot of advantages: it is comfortable, you don’t have to worry about anything getting out and it conceals any imperfections around your waist or abdomen. Chosen wisely, this simple piece if swimwear can do miracles for a plump figure.

A convenient, yet beautiful and trendy model is the fringe swimsuit. Having a generally simple cut, the highlight of this type of bathing suit is the fringes that fall from the cleavage down. The long fringes create an optical slimming effect which will make you look thinner.

Discount Plus Size Swimwear 3

As mentioned before, you can also wear a cropped bathing suit, but pay attention to choose a model that has wide straps that will sit well on your shapes, thus avoiding that nasty ”cut” look.

Another type of plus size swimwear you can take into consideration is that which has lateral black insertions. Take a flowery swimsuit, for instance, with two plain black insertions on the sides, along your waistline. This will make your waist look thinner due to the beneficial visual effect created by the two black strands.

Strapless models are not really recommended because you need something to offer support for your chest. So it’s better to get a bathing suit with straps, wide ones preferably, even if it’s a one shoulder strap bathing suit.

If you want to conceal a prominent chest, you can wear a one shoulder strap swimsuit with a flounce alongside the strap, falling over your chest.

Going to the swimming pool or to the beach should not be just another occasion to feel dissatisfied with your body. Like and accept yourself as you are, be confident and choose discount plus size swimwear that matches your body and your personality. The rest will come naturally.