Understanding the Different Styles of Jeans for Plus Size Women

One of the most versatile pieces of clothing ever created is denim jeans. Every woman, man, and child probably has at least one pair, though many people have several. They are great for casual wear and they can be dressed up for fancier occasions as well.

They are in general a great clothing choice, but jeans for plus size women can be tricky because, if you choose the wrong style, they can end up enhancing muffin tops or making your thighs and behind look big.

To find the right style of jeans for you, you should know about the different styles, such as skinny, boyfriend, flare, straight leg, boot cut, and wide leg, as well as the different rises that they often have such as high rise, low rise, natural rise, and super low rise.

In addition, there are also a number of different washes that jeans can be found in.

The Six Styles

If you aren’t quite sure what the differences are between the styles, it’s pretty easy to distinguish them. Skinny jeans are fitted from the waist all the way down to the ankle. This is a very popular style of jeans women choose one of the other styles to wear instead.

Designer Jeans for plus size womenBoyfriend jeans have a more relaxed fit with straight legs that are sometimes cuffed at the bottom. They are supposed to resemble jeans that a woman may borrow from her boyfriend. They don’t have a lot of shape to them, but they can still be stylish if worn in just the right way.

Many women like this style because they are loose and comfy, but choosing a pair that is overly loose can be bad news and create a very unattractive look.

The flare style is pretty self-explanatory. These plus size women’s jeans are fitted down through the thigh to about the knee and then they flare out considerably. This is a style of plus size pants that look great on curvy women because they create a slimming effect down through the legs and then the flared bottom portion of the jeans provide a nice balance.

Straight leg pants have a bit less shape to them, and they are not as fitted as some of the other types. The leg opening is not as small as that on skinny jeans, but not as wide as that of flared or boot cut jeans.

This style has a more relaxed fit than the other types, which makes them quite comfortable to wear.

Bootcut jeans are similar in style to that of flared jeans, but the legs are not as flared. Generally, bootcut plus size jeans will have a more gradual flare from the knee down than flared jeans, allowing just enough of an opening at the bottom to fit comfortably over a pair of boots, hence the name.

Then, finally, there are wide leg jeans. The waist and seat of the pants are fitted and then they begin to flare out from the top of the thigh and they become much wider down at the bottom. These jeans are very stylish and comfortable and are a favorite of many.

Defining the Rises

There are no rules as to which of these styles will look better on a particular body type. You can choose to wear any style you like. What you need to be concerned with, however, is the type of rise the pants have because some of the rises will leave you with a belly hanging over your pants and that’s something that not many women want.

Plus Size Designer Jeans 1Plus size women’s jeans with a high rise have a waist that sits above the belly button generally. Many women like having a waist that sits that high because it helps to flatten the tummy.

Other women, however, find a waist that high to be not only uncomfortable but unattractive as well. If you prefer the high waist to help with concealing your tummy, but you don’t necessarily like how they look on you, you can easily wear a plus size long top that will hide the high waist.

Pants with a natural rise have a waist that sits just below or right at the belly button. This is the ideal rise for curvaceous women because the waist sits low enough to be comfortable and stylish, but it’s still high enough to avoid having a muffin top. The natural rise waist will also keep you from showing off a little more than you intended to from the back when you’re sitting or bending over.

If you choose a pair of pants with a low rise waist, you will undoubtedly have a portion of your belly drooping over the top of your pants because low rise tends to sit around two or three inches below the belly button. As a result, many larger women avoid buying pants with a low rise waist.

Best Plus Size Jeans 2Super low rise pants sit extremely low and you will probably have a hard time even finding jeans for plus size women with this type of rise as it is ideally designed for super thin women with absolutely no tummy.

Choosing a Wash

Once you’ve picked out the styles and the rise that you like, you can then decide which of the different washes you like. The wash refers to the color and the texture of the denim, and there are many washes to choose from.

Generally, the wash that looks the best plus size jeans for women are the darker ones because they are very chic and they also help with making you look slimmer, though you can choose any wash you like.

In addition, the absolute best jeans for plus size women are those that are made with a stretchy material. Stretchy jeans are extremely comfortable and they allow you to move much easier and more freely than regular denim jeans do.

You can check the label on the jeans to determine if they are stretchy or not. They look just as great when paired with a cute plus size tank top as regular denim jeans do, except they are much more comfy to wear for long periods of time.