Create a Dazzling Look in Plus Size Party Wear

Looking for plus size party wear may have been troublesome in the past, but the good news is that by carefully combining different pieces of clothing, you can create an outfit that will make you look and feel amazing.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the trend which promotes the 90-60-90 silhouette – and the stores that sell plus size clubwear intended for your body type – are failing to cater for a growing section of the market.

This leaves the more curvy woman with a dilemma when it comes to finding something that will not only fit their figure but offer the trendy look that you need.

What to Avoid Wearing

There are a lot of myths regarding what curvy women should or should not wear in order to hide or emphasize their shape. A myth that should be debunked is the all-black outfit.

It is said that black makes the body look slimmer while, on the contrary, fair shades visually add some kilos. It might be true, but this does not mean that you should always avoid light colors and wear only dark ones.

You can look great in a pink dress, for example, if the cut of the dress accentuates your figure. A second myth is that larger women should wear bigger clothes. Clothing that is larger than your size will make you look even bigger, so opt for clothes that are not too big and not too small either.

Plus Size Party Wear 2

Another thing you should keep in mind is the length of your elegant dress or skirt. If you prefer these items to trousers, try choosing knee-length items; a mini-dress or skirt to emphasize your hips; a half-shank one will make you look shorter.

So, the perfect party dress or skirt should end somewhere between the upper part of your knees (if you don’t have problems with your legs, maybe even some centimeters above) and just under.

The waist of the skirt or the trousers is also a very important factor. Try to avoid low waist items, because they will emphasize the puffiness. Choose a high waist pair of trousers or skirt instead; they create an optical effect that makes you look slimmer.

Knowing some of the things you should and should not keep in your wardrobe means that we can explore some examples of plus size party wear. No matter if you are preparing for the upcoming Christmas get-together, the New Year’s party or just a random bash, you will look great in any of the following outfits.

Be Daring: The Animal Print Dress

For most women, an animal print dress is a bold choice, but if you are curvy by nature, this type of dress should be one of the first choices for plus size party wear.

Choose a simple dress that follows the lines of your body. If you have a big chest, you can try one that has a V shape cleavage. This goes well with a prominent chest and the animal print pattern will draw attention away from your voluptuous curves. Wear this dress with a pair of simple, high-heeled shoes and you will have a great look.

Aerial Look with an Empire Dress

A dress that is very tight around the waist might not be the best choice unless you have a slim waist. But if you are not amongst the lucky ones, choose an empire dress instead. Go for a golden, silk or chiffon, knee-length dress.

Tight around the chest, with a rather deep cleavage and easy on the hips, it will transform you into a floating beauty. Add some accessories – pearls are a good option, and high-heeled sandals and your outfit will be complete.

The Crease Dress

Another type of dress that accentuates a curvy woman is one with subtle creases at the waist. These will hide any surplus and give the impression of a slimmer waist. Go for a dark color (purple, dark green or navy) and match it with high-heeled sandals or shoes and an envelope purse. For a more casual look, you could replace the shoes with high-heeled boots.

Clothes Inspired By The ‘20s

If you are going to a thematic party or just want to break the routine, the perfect party wear for plus size women can be inspired by the 1920s. Get a black fringe dress, match it with some retro shoes, net tights and one or two strands of beads and you will have a charming ‘20s carriage. Hair accessories, such as a feather headband, are not mandatory, but they can make you stand out in the crowd.

Plus Size Party Wear 3

The Cloche Skirt

An alternative to dresses is a nice cloche skirt. A key element should be the high waist, so don’t throw yourself at any cloche skirt you find. Plain or patterned, wear it with a shirt and maybe a short jacket over. Don’t forget the high-heeled shoes or maybe a pair of short boots.

Wearing Trousers

Plus size party clothing doesn’t necessarily imply a dress or a skirt. You can create an outfit by wearing trousers as well. Try a pair of classic black, straight cut trousers, easy on the hips. Wear them with a plain white shirt and black shoes. Personalize the outfit with some accessories.

No matter the occasion or the outfit that you choose, don’t forget that your look is highly influenced by your state of mind. After all, wearing plus size items shouldn’t be a tag for ”big lady clothes”, but an attitude – finding the right pieces for each type of figure, building up your self-confidence and feeling and looking great when dressed in plus size party wear.