The Most Popular Styles of Plus Size Evening Tops

When you have some place to go that requires dressy attire you may not always feel like wearing a dress, so in those cases you can combine skirts or pants and plus size evening tops to come up with outfits that are appropriate for formal occasions.

Oftentimes, when women think about having to dress up for a special occasion, dresses automatically come to mind, but there are many women who don’t like to wear dresses for one reason or another and then there are some women who like wearing dresses, but just not all the time.

If you fall into one of the categories of women who would prefer not to wear a dress to a formal evening event, then there are plenty of alternate options available to you so that you can still look radiantly beautiful while wearing what makes you comfortable.

Button Down Blouses

When it comes to plus size tops, you will obviously want to choose something that is fancier than a top that you might wear to work or to church. There are so many different types and styles to choose from that finding one or two to keep on hand in your closet shouldn’t be an issue. In fact, you will probably fall in love with so many of them that you’ll run out of room to hang them all.

Plus Size Evening Tops 2The first style you have to consider is the button down style blouse. Plus size blouses that have buttons that run down the front of the shirt come in a variety of styles and designs that range from casual wear to work-appropriate formal to evening wear formal. You will want to concentrate on those that are suitable for wearing to a special evening occasion.

You’ll know the difference between the blouses when you compare them. For instance, casual button down tops aren’t very fancy, but probably come in a variety of patterns and colors, some of which would never be okay to wear to the office.

Work-appropriate button down tops are a bit fancier, can be made with a number of different materials like cotton, silk, or satin and may sometimes have embroidery, ruffles, or other embellishments on the collars or elsewhere.

Button down blouses designed for evening wear are much fancier and may sometimes have things like sequins, beads, or other types of bling on them and are usually made with a nicer material like silk, satin, or something else along those lines.

Pull Over Blouses

Then you have the pull over plus size evening tops that come in a variety of attractive colors and often have embellishments like beads, sequins, rhinestones, and even lace on them. They are often much longer than non-formal tops like t-shirts and they usually have a looser fit so they drape nicely on your body.

Some pull over blouses will have long sleeves, some will have short sleeves, and some may even be sleeveless altogether. Whether you choose with sleeves or without, long or short, it doesn’t matter. Each style can be paired with pants or skirts and dressed up equally as nice, so it’s whatever you feel comfortable wearing.

Plus Size Evening Tops MAIN

You should, however, pay attention to what looks good on you and what you feel confident wearing. Don’t choose sleeveless plus size dressy tops if you’re going to walk around all evening feel self-conscious about how your arms look exposed like that. You should also look to make sure the sleeveless tops look great on you too, paying close attention to how open the armhole is.

Some armholes are cut much larger than they should be and so they hang down pretty low and can expose a little more than you want to show whenever you move your arms. If you can see your bra over the bottom or along the sides of the armhole, then it is cut too low and wide and you will either need to wear a cami or something else under it or you should put it back on the rack and move on to other plus size women’s evening tops.

Off the Shoulder Tops

Another option you have is off the shoulder tops. Many curvy women look very good and incredibly sexy wearing this style of tops. There are short sleeve options, long sleeve options, and even sleeveless options. If you’re one of those women who don’t like wearing sleeveless or short sleeve tops because you don’t like exposing your upper arms, you can feel perfectly comfortable wearing an off the shoulder top with sleeves that keep your arms covered.

There are a lot of different necklines on off the shoulder plus size evening tops so you can find one that flatters your body the most, such as v-neck, straight horizontal necklines, round necklines, and heart-shaped necklines. You’ll also find these tops where only one sleeve is off the shoulder, which can add an interesting look to your completed outfit.

Plus Size Evening Tops 1

Pairing Tops with Bottoms

When you find an evening top that you really like, you will then have to decide what kind of bottoms to pair it with. Obviously, you have pants or skirts to choose from, but you have to decide which one will look better, and then you will have to decide which style of the one you chose will pair with the top the best.

For instance, if you choose to wear a skirt, you have to decide if a pencil skirt would look good, or would a loosely flowing knee-length skirt be better? If you choose to wear pants, should you go with the traditional style of dressy pants or might your top look great with a pair of plus size palazzo pants?

Whatever outfit you choose to wear, you want to make sure it flatters you well and it leaves you feeling good about the way you look. If you wear something that makes you feel self-conscious, your discomfort is going to show to others.

You want to walk into the room with your head held high and you want to be able to leave the same way, and that won’t happen if you spend all night worrying about if you made right decision when choosing the evening top and bottoms you’re wearing.