The Ultimate Guide to Buying Trendy Plus Size Clothing!

In the world of plus size clothing, there are several distinct stereotypes that seem to come to mind. But one of the biggest myths is the idea that there are no truly stylish or trendy plus size clothing options for curvy women to enjoy wearing. That’s no longer true.

While this may have been more truthful in years past, the good news is that full-figured women are now receiving the celebration they really deserve, and this is illustrated throughout the fashion industry. There’s now more choice than ever.

The objective of fashion is to create a curvy silhouette that leads to people to look at you up and down, rather than side to side, which is what happens when you make the wrong wardrobe choices.

Pay careful attention to the contours and proportions of your figure, and then only buy fashionable outfits that emphasize your best features and draw attention from areas that you don’t want people to focus on.

Finding Trendy Plus Size Clothing for Women

From evening dresses with sleeves and hot outfits for your next party, to business attire, and everything in between, there is no longer a stigma attached. And thanks to some of the most famous fashion designers jumping on board, if you have a fuller figure, you’ll never have to worry about looking fabulous again. The options are out there, and they look great.

If you watch the video below, you can find out the best 25 stores for plus size women to shop. It’s based on real experiences, so do check it out.

Plus size women’s clothing is generally considered an American size 16+ and is designed to make you look your absolute best. Now the styles and materials used for trendy plus size clothes have finally started to match the original intent.

Wondering how to show off your curves in a sophisticated, fashionable, and even sexy way? It’s easy, thanks to the wide variety of stunning clothing options for plus-sized women on the market today. With a few resources and style tips, you’ll learn to love your wardrobe again.

Let’s take a closer look at some standard style options you can choose from, and how to make the most of what you might already have on hand.

Fashion-Forward Boutiques & Clothing

Finding the right plus size dress for a partyIf you’re searching for affordable plus size clothing then Forever 21 sells premium-quality items at low prices. For stocking up your wardrobe with a little bit of everything then look no further than the SimplyBe, or if vintage is your thing you might want to check out ModCloth. Other notable mentions include Asos, who like one-of-a-kind pieces in their wardrobe and dresses for special occasions.

Look Your Best in a Stunning Dress

Dresses aren’t just for women who are a size 2-14, and they can actually end up being one of the most form-flattering pieces of clothing you have in your closet if you know what to look for when buying the perfect maxi dress, and how to wear it to your advantage.

What’s the rule of thumb in deciding on a dress for a night out that works for you? Decide on a dress that specifically works for you.

It sounds simple because it is: Along with the stereotypes, dresses in that department tend to have their own set of stigmas that go along with them. Thankfully, now is the time to break them, and look great while doing it.

Trendy plus size clothes for womenBecause more options are available today, the old stereotypes of what colors and patterns to wear have all but disappeared. If you want to look good in a plus size gown, there are a few simple rules to consider, and they apply to everyone differently, based on your specific body type.

It’s important to accentuate your best features. Some women choose trendy plus size clothing because they have a bigger bust and a smaller waist, while others have curvier hips and a smaller bust, etc. Don’t be afraid to try different materials, and cuts. Dresses are specifically designed to show off the best parts of your body.

For example, if you have more of an hourglass shape, there’s no reason to choose a dress with looser material that will simply ‘fall’ over you and look somewhat baggy. A full figure is in style and is never something you should be ashamed of showing off. Don’t be afraid to opt for something that’s slimmer, and hugs your curves, rather than trying to cover them up.

No one has the exact same body type as another person, so trying them on for yourself, in a variety of colors, styles, and cuts, is the best thing you can do – it’s time to take a few chances.

If you’re pregnant, find out more about special occasion maternity dresses.

Feel on Top of the World with a Beautiful Blouse

Some women consider tops and blouses to be tricky when it comes to finding the right ‘fit’ for a plus-sized figure. Again, this is less of a concern nowadays, since designers are catering to curvier cuts and patterns.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking for the right plus size blouse that not only accentuates your best features but can make you look slimmer and curvier in all the right places.

A good way to start, before you end up going out and buying any new tops, is to go through your closet and decide what you actually already like to wear, and what makes you feel good. You might have a few pieces that you purchased that have never seen the light of day because you don’t feel as ‘confident’ when you wear them. It’s important to recognize that feeling confident and feeling somehow ‘unattractive’ are two very different things.

How to choose trendy plus size blousesWearing something that makes you feel unattractive typically means it’s the wrong fit for your body, and this is an individual opinion for everyone. For one woman, wearing something loose and somewhat ‘frumpy’ might make her feel unattractive, while to another woman, wearing something tight and revealing might be unappealing to her.

Not feeling confident in something you wear can sometimes be changed. Most of the time, if we don’t feel confident in wearing something, it’s because we’re trying to conform to what society has deemed ‘acceptable’ for our specific body types.

When it comes to tops, the ‘norm’ has always been to wear something loose-fitting and baggy, so if you have something a bit slimmer that shows off your waist, you might find yourself feeling more self-conscious about it.

Unfortunately, building up the confidence to tell yourself you look great in a specific top or peasant blouse can take time, but don’t give up on yourself, or the way you look at yourself. Turn that top that you’re unsure about into a ‘goal’ top for yourself, once you build up your confidence in your curves. You don’t have to change the way you look, to change your perspective on what looks good.

A few rules of thumb to go by when looking for plus size tops is to choose blouses that are longer in length, to help accentuate your curves, while hiding more unflattering characteristics. Choosing the right length for your body type can be trial and error, so don’t be afraid to try things on.

If your bust is something you’d like to accentuate, that can be extremely easy to do with the right top. Choosing a longer blouse with a v-neck can draw attention upward, instead of elsewhere. Again, recognize your favorite features, and dress to accentuate them.

Give ‘Skinny Jeans’ a Whole New Meaning

Jeans can sometimes be a tricky piece of clothing for anyone, let alone larger ladies. Sometimes, there seems to be only one type, from one particular store that really fits us the way we want. When it comes to finding plus size jeans, it can get even harder.

Skinny jeans are definitely ‘in’ right now, and there is no reason to believe that any woman can’t pull off this look. There are a few things to keep in mind about skinny jeans, but for the most part, simply choosing a size that fits you well will be the best way to make sure they look good on your curves.

Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Women 1Don’t tell yourself that just because you have those curves, skinny jeans aren’t for you. In fact, in the right pair, you can give yourself a slimmed down look – as long as you’re choosing the right size. Going too small can bring out problem areas, and make you feel uncomfortable.

Trends are actually starting to shift to different denim styles, too, including things like baggier ‘boyfriend’ jeans, bootcut jeans, etc. Most of these styles have a looser cut, which can be both comfortable and functional, but it’s important to be careful when you’re considering one of these types.

You never want to choose anything too baggy or loose: instead of hiding any problem areas, it will only make you look frumpy, and as though you’re trying too hard to cover up. Embrace your curves, find jeans that give a balance to your whole body (even flared jeans are great for this!), and know your size. Beyond that, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to rocking your favorite jeans at a party.

Dressing Great for the Best Party Ever

Speaking of parties, using these resources and tips to put together the perfect outfit for your next get-together can be a great way to start feeling confident in what you’re wearing. Parties can feel overwhelming at times for everyone when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit, so select something that you feel comfortable and confident in while showing off your curves.

Cheap Party Dresses to Flatter Your FigureParties are a great time to really come out of your shell and experiment with different looks.

They can serve as the perfect excuse to step out of your comfort zone, and pull on that ‘confidence piece’ that’s been in your closet for quite some time. Or, feel free to go check out the countless new plus size items at your favorite store. Chances are, you’ll find something that not only appreciates your curves but helps to accentuate the best of your body.

When it comes to really experimenting with your looks, and making the most of plus size fashion, there’s no better place to start than at a party among friends, family, or co-workers. From flowing dresses to chic skirts, or even casual skinny jeans with a beautiful blouse, make any party your own by choosing an outfit that can help to boost your confidence once and for all, in the best way possible.

After all, plus size can be completely sexy, too, and what better place can showcase that than an incredible party?

Show Off Your Body in a Gorgeous Swimsuit

If anyone has ever told you that swimwear is off limits, or should be limited at all don’t believe what you’ve heard. Feeling confident and beautiful in a swimsuit is absolutely something any plus size woman can do – and that doesn’t mean you have to go for a plain, black one-piece.

Many women do feel more comfortable in a one-piece suit, but are afraid to take it to the next level, wearing bright, summery colors, or trying out different cuts and styles. Halter top swimsuits are a great way to get extra support for the bustline while helping to elongate your waist. Also, contrary to popular belief, you can wear stripes, especially with a swimsuit.

Discount Plus Size Swimwear 2Any pattern can be flattering; from polka dots to stripes, and from vertical lines to circles. A bathing suit is about showcasing your fun personality. Plus, patterns can even help to hide problem areas, so don’t be afraid to go all out.

From halters to tankinis, and from swim dresses to strapless, choose a swimsuit that fits your body, not someone else’s.

It’s also important to understand that you can absolutely wear two-piece swimsuits as well. Curvier women are discovering more and more how beautiful they can feel in a bikini top and bottom, thanks to the options that are available today.

Swimsuits should be functional, but they should also make you feel good and comfortable. For many curvy women, this can mean quite a bit of coverage, which doesn’t always equate to a bikini. However, there are plenty of affordable bikini and two-piece options for curvy women that offer support and fuller coverage. Halter tops are a great example of this; again, they tie in the back of the neck, but can also help to cover part of the stomach.

Another way to wear a two-piece while having fuller coverage is to choose a bottom that is more high-waisted. This can help to cover up any problem areas and accentuate your curves. The great thing about bikini pieces is that you can mix and match them, so buy a few different options that you feel comfortable and confident in, and go from there.

Look Trendy in Your Professional Life

There are a few simple tips to keep in mind when you’re going business-casual, but the most important thing you can do is to embrace your femininity. Plus size work dresses might be a bit more modest than your typical party dress, but the same rules apply; fashionable and functional. Dressing for success doesn’t have to mean you look frumpy, or wear baggy, loose-fitting clothing.

Wraparound dresses, high-waisted skirts, and tops that flatter your curves are all great options when it comes to showing off your figure while keeping a professional tone in mind. Women often like to accentuate a certain feature, while playing down another, and thanks to modern styles, this can be easier to do than ever before.

A few tips and tricks to keep in mind include:

  • Choosing contrasting colors for the top and bottom pieces, which can be especially effective in giving you a slimmer looking waist.
  • A-line or pencil skirts will help give your body a more tapered look. Try to find skirts that hit either just above or just below the knee. These lengths are considered acceptable in a professional setting.
  • Don’t be afraid to accessorize your outfit. If there is a certain part of your body you’d like to draw attention to, you can choose a classy, professional accessory like a bracelet, necklace, hairpin, etc. This also helps in directing eyes away from other parts of your body that you may consider problem areas.

Thanks to today’s options, the era of wearing bulky pant suits are gone for curvy women, and feeling fun and feminine is definitely ‘in style!’

Look Fabulous When Training at the Gym

Guide to Buying Plus Size Gym Clothes 2The gym is another area where some women feel uncomfortable. Some of the healthiest, fittest people in the world are considered ‘plus size’ by societal standards, and nothing could be farther from the truth. Whether you’re a fitness buff, or you’re trying to get in shape, wearing the right gym clothes for your body can make you perform better, and feel confident while doing it.

The ‘dilemma’ over the years has been finding comfortable workout clothes that are also cute, flattering, and can actually make women want to work out in the first place. Thankfully, selections are larger today than ever before, and gym clothes are finally being designed for all body types.

Going to the gym doesn’t have to mean wearing an oversized t-shirt and shorts each and every time. After all, you want to see your progress, no matter what your fitness goals happen to be.

In fact, choosing the right kind of performance gear can actually help to boost your workout, because you’ll feel better about what you’re working out in, and comfortable enough to push yourself harder, whether that means running an extra mile, or lifting a few extra pounds.

So, mix and match tops and bottoms, choose materials wisely, and go for something that flatters your shape, while allowing you to move freely, no matter what type of exercise you’re doing. By showing off that curvy women can wear cute gym clothes, you’ll be an instant inspiration to other plus size women working out, too.

The gym can feel almost as ‘exposing’ as any beach or tanning salon, where you have to wear a swimsuit, but the difference is that you want to be even more comfortable, so you can move. Choose something that supports every part of you in order to feel secure.

The gym doesn’t have to be a scary place for any full-figured woman, and feeling great in what you’re wearing is the perfect start to making your body stronger.

Affordable Trendy Plus Size Clothes

Recent reports suggest that the plus size clothing industry is worth a massive 20 billion dollars a year. Unfortunately, this is due to many of the top name brands being so expensive, which means that it can be hard to find discounted items.

The best tip for finding cheap trendy plus size clothes is to shop online and keep checking at your favorite internet retailers so you are first in line when a desirable piece of clothing goes on sale. An end of season sale is best because you can find the larger sizes.

Present & Future of Fashionable Plus Size Clothing

Look Amazing in Long Plus Size Dresses 1The fashion industry continues to change constantly. Trends come and go, and what was ‘in’ yesterday may not be ‘in’ tomorrow. While it can feel like it’s hard to keep up, there is one constant change that seems to be growing all the time, especially within the last five years: Acceptance and celebration of plus size women and trendy plus size clothing.

Stick-thin models are no longer looked upon as the ‘norm’ in the fashion industry, and many clothing companies actually now refuse to work with models and celebrities who are too thin, because it’s just unrealistic when they’re trying to sell their clothes to women who simply don’t look that way. Body positivity is more important than ever, and more celebrated than ever, too.

Many brands are steering away from the term ‘plus size’ altogether, in favor for words like curvy, full-figured, etc., which is a further nod to the fact that plus size is becoming just as normal in the industry as other body types. In fact, it’s being encouraged.

What’s more? Retailers are actually starting to see the benefit of having more stylish options for curvier women, so they are demanding designers to create more and more. And, when the demand is high, the quality will be even greater. It has quickly become a multi-billion dollar industry for so many retailers, from high-end clothing stores to big-box shopping centers, and everywhere in between.

Women want to feel like they are on-trend with the latest styles, and thankfully, we are living in an era where that is completely encouraged for the plus-size market. It’s a revolution in clothing, and it’s starting right now.