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For women that are an American size 16 and up, finding trendy plus size clothing is essential. It helps you to look leaner, and most importantly, gives you confidence so that you are ready for any situation. Wearing the best long dresses, blouses, jeans, coats, swimwear, gym wear, and business clothes for your unique body type is essential. We encourage you to learn more about each category in these posts.

The objective of fashion is to create a curvy silhouette that leads to people looking at you up and down, rather than side to side, which is what happens when you make the wrong wardrobe choices. Pay careful attention to the contours and proportions of your figure, and then only buying fashionable outfits that emphasize your best features and draw attention from areas that you don’t want people to focus on.

Trendy Plus Size Clothing Boutiques

Wearing fashionable clothing involves keeping up-to-date with the latest trends.  We all want to wear nice clothing, but aren’t necessarily as keen on the price tag. If you need an outfit for a special occasion, you should definitely read this post on cheap plus size party dresses for under $50. You’ll find some beautiful dresses that people who’ve bought them love, and you won’t believe how affordable they are to buy!

If you’re searching for affordable plus size clothing then Forever 21 sells premium-quality items at low prices. For stocking up your wardrobe with a little bit of everything then look no further than the SimplyBe clothing line, or if vintage is your thing you might want to check out ModCloth. Other notable mentions include Asos for women who like one-of-a-kind pieces in their wardrobe, and Funfash dresses for those special occasions.


A lace dress is a wardrobe essential. Not only will it keep you cool and looking great, it is also a perfect fit for all body types. This is why we recommend the Kiyonna plus size Luna lace dress. It is proving to be a huge hit right now and is definitely one of the more popular dresses. If you’re looking for a dress that will get you noticed and won’t let you down then this is an excellent choice. Sizes range from 0X to 5X, so you will find a dress that fits perfectly!

Enjoy the lace and mesh backing that hides your nude bra strap, while at the same time achieving the perfect fit with the ruched torso that hides any extra pounds around the waistline. This dress is finished off with a slightly full A-line skirt to complete your look. It’s available in twilight grey, blue, glazed raspberry, green ivy, and onyx.

Kiyonna plus size Luna lace dress

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One of the most versatile items of clothing in your wardrobe is the blouse. It can be worn around the house with a pair of leggings, paired with jeans or pants when going out to do some shopping, or even worn with a skirt when with your friends. One of the most popular choices is the Notations plus size 3/4 sleeve Y-neck blouse with crochet trim, as it is both functional and stylish, and can be paired up with many different items of clothing to complete an outfit.

Made from 100% polyester, which means that it’s machine washable, the main highlight of this blouse is the crochet lace trim on the sleeves. This gives it a unique look which many people won’t have seen previously. It’s available in shrimp and khaki colors, and sizes 1X to 3X. Wear it in a range of situations, from going to work, taking the kids to the park, and even to a casual party. It’s a chic and trendy blouse that you’ll love wearing.

Y-Neck Blouse with Crochet Trim

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We couldn’t talk about plus size trendy clothing without mentioning designer women’s jeans. More women are embracing jeans in a wide range of situations, from casual wear during the day, to going out at night with friends to a few bars. You’ll find that skinny jeans and Bootcut jeans with a contoured waistband are very fashionable right now, which is great for women who want to avoid gapping at the waist and look great.

The biggest denim brand is Levis. A pair of Levis 580 bootcut jeans is a great item of clothing, and will no doubt serve you well in a range of different situations. As always, the quality Levi fabric is second to none and feels sturdy whenever you wear it, while still being feminine at the same time.

Plus-Size 580 Bootcut Jean

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Affordable Plus Size Clothing

Recent reports suggest that the plus size clothing industry is worth a massive 20 billion dollars a year. Unfortunately, this is due to many of the top name brands being priced at a premium, which means if you want to shop on a budget then it can be difficult to find bargains and discounted items. The best tip for finding cheap trendy plus size clothes is to shop online, and keep checking at your favorite internet retailers so you are first in line when a desirable piece of clothing goes on sale.

Ultimately, you have to act fast, as many of these items don’t say cheap for long. If you need some advice on buying discount plus size swimwear, you should read this to get your hands on the cheapest trends and fashions is to be loyal to just one or two stores. This is because the vast majority of outlets offer loyalty cards and point programs which end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. You will also be eligible for coupons and special discounts when signed up as a preferred customer, which means it’s possible to save thousands of dollars a year.

Trendy Plus Size Clothing Tips & Advice

Don’t wear clothing that is too big or too small. For example, there’s a difference between tight-fitting and close-fitting plus size designer jeans. Experiment with different colors and styles. You should look for clothing which compliments your shape rather than your size. Aim for dresses, pants, and blouses that emphasize your natural curves rather than concealing them. Start finding out what works best for you!